Robert W. H. Mccoy - Painter

Family Photo Gallery


Lady and me, San Antonio, TX 1958



Richard Louis McCoy (1920-1988), my father. He was part of the 2nd Marine Division that invaded

the islands of Tulagi and Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) during WWII. Although not around for

most of my life, we were fortunately able to reconnect shortly before his death.



Albert Jay McCoy (1891-1964), my grandfather; chauffeur, and hotel bell captain.

My memory of him is very slight. I do remember him always sitting in an armchair

listening to baseball games on the radio. Colorado Springs, Colorado




Margaret Angel Thomas (1893-1927), my grandmother. She died when my father was 7 years old. This image always stood out to me, and I used it in several of my paintings. Years later I discovered who she was.


Ellen Virginia Hughes (1925-2017), my mother; writer, singer, pianist. She was my guiding light, my best friend, and always encouraged my career path. Although a single parent, she was still able to publish two books, sing solo with various bands, and record her music. Growing up I remember her piano playing, being a wonderful dancer, a voracious reader, and an avid horsewoman. Bob Collinge, her husband, was

a wonderful companion and caregiver during the remaining years of her life.

Photo taken in 1943 at age 18, Colorado Springs, CO.




Allen Winter Hughes (1897-1972), my grandfather; forester, artist, and poet. He was a huge influence

in my life, and gave me my first paint brushes from his own collection. He made my first toys out of wood, and I supplied the sounds. Fortunately, I have many of his writings, poems, and artwork. Colorado Springs, Colorado



Virginia Thelma DeWitt (1902-1997), my grandmother. She retired from the gift shop at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. She used to buy Native American jewelry from the traders in Gallup and Santa Fe for the hotel in the 1950's. What I remember most was her gentle loving spirit, her strength, and her wonderful laugh. She was the ultimate lady. 




Leonard Cornelius DeWitt (1883-1970), my grand uncle; rancher, big game hunter, and writer. His stories were published in hunting magazines, and I have some of the original writings, along with his Colt and holster. He was the genuine article, and a gentleman.


Pictured are George & Belle DeWitt, my great grandparents. They were married in Seward, Nebraska on June 21, 1877, and traveled by covered wagon to Colorado, settling in Colorado Springs. This is the only photograph of George that exists. The stone home was built when they homesteaded in 1878, and was torn down in 1987 to make room for a new subdivision..



Scott DeWitt (1879-1947) pictured in the background on the left. He was Leonard's' older brother and partner in both ranches. This is the only known photo of him that exists. My mother said he was the ultimate cowboy, and could ride a horse like no other. During the Winter of 1947 his huge black stallion, Major, slipped on ice and fell on him causing his death. I rode Major a couple of times when visiting the Silver Circle. Belle Slonecker DeWitt is pictured in the center. My mother is in front between Belle and

her mother, Virginia. On the left is my mother's older sister, Lovretta. 

 Caswell Lafayette McCoy 1846-1934) and Mary Louisa Hay (1849-1925), my great grandparents; farmers, Polk, Wapello, Iowa. Caswell is holding Dorothy, my father's sister. My father is at the bottom center, and I don't know the young boy behind him. I knew very little about my father's side of the family while growing up. Most of what I have learned is through research on



Benjamin Winter Hughes (1874-1961), my great grandfather; lumber mill/plantation owner. This photo was taken during a family reunion, and the only time we had a chance to visit. I have his gold pocket watch with his name inscribed on it. Frankfort, Kentucky



Allene Woodson (1873-1952), my great grandmother, Frankfort, Kentucky


The Woodson line in America started with Dr. John Woodson and his wife Sarah Winston who landed at Jamestown in 1619 on the ship "George". Dr. Woodson was surgeon for the English troops and colonists. He was killed near his home during a Powhatan attack in 1644. John and Sarah had two sons, Robert and John. During the attack, Sarah hid John under a tub, and Robert in the potato hole. Descendants were known either as the "Tub" or "Potato Hole" Woodsons. Allene was a "Potato Hole Woodson". 


Absalom Tyrell McCoy (1825-1899), and Elizabeth Ann Lewis (1824-1902), my 2nd great grandparents; farmers, Jefferson Co., Tennessee





Jesse Woodson James (1847-1882); outlaw, distant cousin.

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